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Welcome to the new Atlantic Alternative Power Home Page.

On this site you'll find information about alternative energy such as Solar and Wind that you can use at your home or business. 

We'll provide information about the different technologies used and we'll work with you to build a solution that'll meet your alternative energy needs. We'll help you determine what your needs are, what technologies are best for you and we'll help you install them as well. 

Best of all we will meet or beat any price out there.

If you're interested in going Solar or getting any type of Alternative Energy set up please contact us and we'll gladly work with you on finding a solution that meets your needs and your budget. 

To read more about going Solar or Wind please check out the pages on this site or check out our photo gallery of jobs we've done in the past. 

If you have any questions please email us by going to the Contact Us page.

Sales, service, design and installation of either grid tied or off grid solar, wind and micro hydro power generating systems.
We also do solar domestic hot water and radiant heat systems.

Our offices are in Antigonish Co. Nova Scotia, Canada and Gill, Massachusetts, US.

Over 15 years of living off grid and installing high quality, code compliant systems in Canada, US and Mexico. 



Bob Higgins

Founder and President

Atlantic Alternative Power

Phone : 413-863-8687 or 902-863-0687